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To explain Japan, there are simply no single words that quite capture the uniqueness of the country. While Tokyo is like a world of its own, with massive crowds, wild nightlife, and attractions that some might find downright bizarre, you can also explore the quieter sides of the country. 

As the birthplace of Shintoism, there are a number of temples for both this religion and Buddhism. The natural beauty of Japan is unparalleled, with incredible mountains and lush, bamboo forests. 

From theme parks to cafes, and anime to video games, Japan is a haven for the kid in all of us.  

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Travel in Japan

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ErynTravels is a travel blog created, written and designed by Eryn. She's an avid traveler, adrenaline chaser, and passionate writer. 

Sure, she enjoys a quiet night spent lakeside, but appreciates spontaneity found all over the world. She's been lucky enough to live on three continents, teach students of all ages, and write about her most precious experiences. 

Ask her about the time she ate Sanakji in Seoul, or the time she stayed up all night at the Teide Observatory in Tenerife. 

A woman wears a kimono in a bamboo forest in Kyoto
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