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Explore Khlong Lat Mayom: Canal Ways and a Floating Market

A person buys fruit from their boat in Bangkok's floating market.
A Fruit Vendor in Khlong Lat Mayom

You've finally booked that trip to Bangkok and are looking for that authentic Thai experience. Thailand - not just Bangkok - is known for some of the most expansive and unique markets, but while you're visiting the capital city, make sure to add a floating market to your itinerary.

There's a saying, the kitchen is the heart of the home, which implies that food and sharing a meal connects people together. In the same sense, markets are a significant aspect of Thai hospitality. There's nothing quite like exploring the bustle of a market full of family and friends chatting over an assortment of dishes.

About Khlong Lat Mayom

Situated within an intricate canal way is Khlong Lat Mayom, one of Bangkok's traditional floating markets. Split on opposite sides of the Lat Ta Niao, this market bursts with fragrant grilling meats, sweet mangoes and alluring perfumes of jasmine.

Two vendors cook behind their stall in Khlong Lat Mayom  floating market.
Khlong Lat Mayom Market Vendors

History of Thailand's Floating Markets

Bangkok was once known as the Venice of Asia because of its extensive canal system. Between 1350 - 1767 (the Ayutthaya period), merchants utilized these canals as transportation systems for trade. Throughout many centuries, floating markets became a central part of buying and selling goods, trading, and dining.

Getting to Khlong Lat Mayom

While it's only 10km outside of Bangkok, Khlong Lat Mayom isn't the easiest floating marketing to get to. There are only a few transportation options available to tourists, unless you plan to get an international driver's license and drive there yourself. However, it's inaccessibility provides a unique opportunity: Khlong Lat Mayom isn't visited by tourists as often compared to other markets. You might find yourself as one of the few foreign visitors among the bustle of locals and vendors.

Public Transportation

The first option to consider is taking the BTS, Bangkok's sky train. Arrive at the Wongwian Yai station and take a 15-minute cab ride to the market.


Depending on where you're staying in Bangkok, a taxi ride will usually take between 20-30 minutes and can be much, much longer if you find yourself stuck in Bangkok's notorious traffic. Plan to arrive early and as always, use caution when riding in taxis. Negotiate a price before stepping inside.


Grab App is Thailand's ride share app and is reasonably priced. Travel time will be similar to a taxi, however the clear benefit to using the app is safety; not only is your route tracked through the system, the price is established and paid through it as well.

Tour Khlong Lat Mayom

I came across a great opportunity to explore Khlong Lat Mayom with an AirBnB group lead by Pooh. She was an amazing guide, eager to share her wide knowledge of the canals, markets and culture of Bangkok. Together as a group, we sampled tons of delicious food and learned about the varieties of local fruit and vegetables commonly found in Thai dishes.

Book your tour through AirBnB here:

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