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Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan South Korea

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In addition to writing her own original content, Eryn from ErynTravels has also had the privilege of partnering with several esteemed travel publications.


Please check out the digital and print magazines below for more great content! 

Wanderlust Magazine August 2022 Issue Cover
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About ErynTravels

ErynTravels is a travel blog created, written and designed by Eryn. She's an avid traveler, adrenaline chaser, and passionate writer. 

Sure, she enjoys a quiet night spent lakeside, but appreciates spontaneity found all over the world. She's been lucky enough to live on three continents, teach students of all ages, and write about her most precious experiences. 

Ask her about the time she ate Sanakji in Seoul, or the time she stayed up all night at the Teide Observatory in Tenerife. 

A woman wears a kimono in a bamboo forest in Kyoto
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