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About Me

About Eryn

Eryn is a published writer who's lived on three continents. She writes essays, short stories, novels, and about her travels around the globe.  


Eryn started this writer's blog with the intention of sharing her insights on the craft, though it snowballed into an outlet for creative material and quirky stories from her time on the road. While fiction was her bread and butter, Eryn discovered that traveling went hand-in-hand with her creative development. Not only did it expand her worldview, meeting new personalities brought characters to life and settings into vivid reality.


Travel is a privilege, even when it isolates us. In the end, it offers connectivity in ways that aren't always obvious; answers to question's we don't always ask. 



Welcome to Eryn's view on travel blogging and writing for the wanderer. Take a look around and stay a while. Enjoy the stories just as much as she enjoyed creating them. If you have something to share, drop a comment in the contact box below.  


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